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When your sent a gift like this of some gorgeous accessories I just had to share them with you guys.  From a company I have never heard of until now Mont bleu.  This brand sells and array of products including glass nail files, jewelled tweezers, hair brushes and make up brushes.

I was **Gifted** these 4 items, which were a paddle hairbrush, Tweezers, Eyeliner brush and Crystal Nail file.  I WAS NOT TOLD I HAD TO REVIEW THESE ITEMS EITHER, THIS IS JUST MY CHOICE.  However my readers can check out the website if they wish and will get a 20% discount of their order using a promotional code – BLOG.  Just pop that code in the cart to get the discount.

Feel free to check out the shop here , ,

About the products

Firstly the nail file, I am still rather unsure of these I have tried many before but for some unknown reason just can’t get to grips with them.  Think I am just stuck in my old fashion emery board way. I am still trying to persevere with it though. It is a handy size to keep in your handbag and is decorated lovely.

The eyeliner brush,  this did not disappoint at all. Looks sleek, professional and at an affordable price too. It keeps its shape well and delivers those sleek feline flicks to the eye area with eyeliner. I would like to try more of these brushes to see if they all live u[ to the same standard.

Tweezers, I do love a good pair of tweezers and this I have to say is brilliant. beautiful turquoise colour with jewels in and looks very elegant left on the dresser. They are sharp and precise so great for plucking those eyebrows, especially one hair at a time.

Hairbrush, now I have saved this one for last because yes it was my favourite out of the  goodies.  This Boar bristle paddle hairbrush is great if you have long hair.  It goes through your hair effortless as it has a mixture of boar bristles and soft plastic style ones so they don’t damage or cause static to your hair.  These brushes are made in germany from nut wood and easy to keep clean. 

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Don’t forget if you would like to check these all out and grab a bit discount use the code  BLOG to get 20% off!!

All prices are on the shop page here


Till next time!!


Diane xx


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