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February 6, 2019
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June 6, 2019
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What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a very common skin disorder which mainly affects the skin on the face.  It can cause redness on the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead along with pimples and pustules under the skin. The blood vessels in the skin can become visible and cause a very flushed appearance.  In some cases it can affect the eyes causing them to feel watery and bloodshot.

What Causes Rosacea?

Still to this day nobody knows for sure the exact cause of  Rosacea, however some people can have flare ups due to different factors such as :-

  • Sunlight
  • Certain foods such as Spicy Foods
  • Tea/Coffee
  • Hot/Cold Weather
  • Strenuous Exercise
  • Stress


Unfortunately there is no cure at present for Rosacea, however you can help avoid the symptoms :-

  • Avoid certain Triggers (Mentioned above)
  • Use creams/gels medicated to treat the spots/pimples
  • Oral medication – Oral antibiotics may help clear up severe spots
  • Long term treatment is usually necessary. but you may be able to have a break when symptoms aren’t as bad.

Living with Rosacea

My journey began I would say about 4 years ago when I noticed my cheeks were a little more flushed looking than normal.  I just thought it was just because of the different products I had been using or maybe because my skin didn’t agree with some of the makeup I was using.  It would go away for a while then come back again.  At this stage I wasn’t so bothered as I could easily cover it with makeup.  A couple of years ago I went to my GP and asked to be referred to a dermatologist as the Redness and little pimples weren’t going away as much as they used to and it was getting me down.

An appointment came through and I went to visit the dermatologist, I thought this was going to be the end of it.  I was sent away with a cream to use on my skin at night (Not a steroid cream).  After several weeks the redness had calmed a little but still not as clear as I would have liked.

The Laser Route

After  several tubes pod the cream from the dermatologist and no further forward, I done some more research.  I came across a few companies on the internet who had mentioned IPL Laser treatment for rosacea with great before and after images.  Now I am not saying this is for everyone and this was not offered to me through NHS. ( I have had to pay for this).  But one company I came across was quite local to me and the reviews and feedback looked excellent. I booked an appointment for free consultation,

New Look Laser Treatment based in South Shields, the day of consultation.  I arrived and was greeted by Chris. My first thoughts were the clinic looked clean, plenty of information around, before and after images available of his work and I had a list of questions including “Are you insured? and can I see qualifications?” This might sound cheeky to some but I want to know who is in control of my face if I go ahead.  He was very happy I asked and explained everything and made me feel at ease.

He explained he would not recommend the IPL Laser for my symptoms, instead he suggested using the ND YAG Laser and said he would get better results.  The procedure was fully explained and i asked about expectations and aftercare.  He told me to goo and think about it and do more research and told me the laser etc.  He didn’t once push me to go ahead with treatment.


I made the next appointment and I have now had my first treatment.  This was not painful, a tiny little niggle towards my nose area but I have had worse pain getting my brows waxed!!

Immediately after treatment my skin went quite red and was told I must use SPF 50 daily from now on. This is my first of hopefully 2 treatments and up to now I can see a slight difference however I was told to give it 2 weeks and its only been one week so far.   Check out the images  of  immediately after treatment, approx 4 hours later and now.

Not painful in the slightest

Still a bit red, but not sore.

Another week to go for hopefully more results and still need another treatment.

As you can see, time is a healer. Hopefully it will continue to improve and I will update this at the very end of all the treatment.


Do you suffer with Rosacea?  Any hints or tips??  Have you had Laser Treatment for this skin disorder?


Would love to hear from you guys.


Till next time.


Diane xx


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