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August 8, 2020
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December 13, 2020
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ME, Myself and I


As we are all aware an awful lot has happened over the last year due to Covid 19! We have all had the most tragic year in many different ways.  But aside from this I would like to take the time to update you on my journey and my own personal growth.  It’s been a little quiet over the last few months due to not having a great deal of things to share as I wasn’t able to get out and about and check out lovely new cosmetic or skincare launches. I felt like I had lost my way a little. 


I decided to take a little step back to plan and refocus while I had the extra time on my hands due to not being in my full time job as the store was closed during the lockdown.

At first it was hard getting use to the new rules and regulations and especially not getting to see my family properly.

Obviously it helped that  we had some  beautiful weather.  We were able to get out in the garden and spend more time with our beautiful crazy dog Molly.There was some great  sunshine days  and had Bbq’s and just relaxed a little.  Needless to say I never adapted to the situation easily and struggled with the family bits not being able to see them like I used to.

The love of dogs

Spending time with Molly Moo

This is the time when I really started to get my head around things, and take the time to understand what I really wanted with my blog and social media.



I started to get used to using my new Canon Camera a lot more as I had more time to practice, This got me thinking……

My love is for  photography even though I am certainly not a professional that for sure. I am considering the option of doing a proper photography course in my spare time in the New Year so that my makeup images are a lot stronger and I can build my skill set.

Whats Next?

As for social media and my blog I finally have  found myself again.  I really need to stay true to who I am as a makeup artist.  On social media also, as apparently being classed as a mature MUA because of  my age (Pffft 41 years young).  Like this makes a difference in the grand scheme of things. Just check out https://www.missmalini.com/2020/10/12/5-influencers-above-50-that-are-slaying-at-fashion/ and not forgetting https://intellifluence.com/blog/darryn-melerine-influencer-spotlight . 

Even if this means that my instagram isn’t perfect! And I do cosmetic Makeup  MY WAY.  We don’t have to have the same style of makeup that everyone seems to do these days. Or the same type of image or colour scheme, it really is ok. After all it is my Instagram/blog and Twitter feed.

We get sucked into social media a lot. It seems we are expected to have perfect cosmetic  flat lay or, the colour scheme must run perfect.  It doesn’t, we are all unique and this is the beauty of it.

I shall be posting a lot more makeup, cosmetic and beauty related topics on my social channels, so don’t forget to check them out http/www.instagram.com/studionailzandbeauty

I am learning to just be me, and a little goal I have set myself for the next few month is to take to video a lot more.  For me it’s just the fear of what others think of me that I need to get out of my head.  This little quote I always remember and is from one of my favourite films.

“Never let the fear of striking out, stop you from playing the game” (A Cinderella Story) .  This is so true and I am excited to see what’s next for me!!

Till next time!!


Diane xx

** Disclosure  – This is a paid post, however all opinions and information here is my own**










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