Where did Studio Nailz and Beauty come from?

I am an over 30s blogger/influencer whatever you want to call me from The North East UK. I am currently working as a skincare consultant who posts and reviews in her spare time.

I have always been in the beauty industry since I left school and headed for college. Here I studied Hairdressing and beauty Therapy. I finished my Level 3 Beauty Therapy and started working in a hotel Spa, then moved on to different salons and the retail side. After many years passed I decided to go it alone and start my own business doing beauty therapy from salons renting rooms etc. This is where the passion really kicked in and doors opened to different opportunities within the makeup and beauty industry. I have had the chance to work with a whole range of people including photographers on photo shoots, Tyne Tees Models and also done some TFP work at Mayfield Studio with different photographers. I loved working with makeup creating looks and doing hair styles for the models and this is where I met a great bunch of people.

However as much as I love the beauty therapy side of things I was getting a little bored and decided to leave the business and go into beauty/fragrance and skincare retail. I am very competitive and love the idea of aiming for targets each month and selling. Especially if its things I really believe in. I now work a skincare consultant with a well known American company in newcastle which I love.

So where did this blogging idea come from for me you may ask?

After attending events to do with beauty and meeting different people through my time in the industry I was so impressed with two of the girls Ive personally had the chance to meet and who inspired me massively. They are Carly Musleh (www.beautysauce.com) and Pixie Tenenbaum (www.fashionvoyeur.co.uk). Both these ladies are totally different at what they do but are extremely good at it. So I thought I would give it a go and start my own journey. After all it's not a race and just my personal reviews, posts and blogs that I come across in my life.

I'm Married to my husband Johnpaul, otherwise known as JP and we have our lush little dog Molly Moo (and yes that is what I call her so says me with a huge time on my face) . We love to travel especially the USA, I am obsessed with Florida and New york for different reasons. I love anything to do with Makeup, Skincare, Jewellery, Handbags and shoes and any other accessory too as you will see within this website.

I hope you enjoy following me on my journey and please feel free to join me by subscribing ad following me on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest if you wish.