ABRA-CADABROW…… The wait is nearly over – JUNE 24TH 2016



Benefit Cosmetics is launching something magical……


Yes the wait is nearly over, if you’re a makeup geek like me then you will want to be in on this one.  I can tell you that a new launch of some fabulous exciting products is arriving on the Benefit Counters this Friday the 24th June.  Some of the old ones are still available like GIMME BROW and BROW ZINGS  (which has an extendable brush in it and tiny tweezers of course)  – They are just re packaged in a fantastic silver sleek look.  But wait there is more…. a whole lot more…..

First up this is one of the products I was given personally to try ( Just a sample size not the full size)


Magically transforming your brows!!

Magically transforming your brows!!

So as you can see I tried this on myself quite a few times over the past week, now I don’t like a harsh look on my brows but I do like definition and was very curious with this product due to the fact I use Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow when I can get my hands on it.  First of all the packaging is again the sliver sleek look with brush inside which I have to say I am very impressed with as its very thin, angular and sleek to give the defined look depending on how much you actually press on the brush. This also has 24hrs wear and the product itself comes in 6 colours 1 being the lightest and 6 the darkest I was given number 5 due to the fact I have quite dark hair. After using it a few times though I have to say I think when I do buy the full size I will be getting the number 4 as I’m quite heavy-handed at times so to me it came over quite dark. Again my opinion only!

It is a very creamy consistency so very easy to apply. You can build with this product so you can have a very natural effect, a bit of depth and a dramatic drama look.  This is going to be priced at £18.50 which I think is great, it will last a long time also and is very compact.





Now this product I actually got free when I purchased the Elle Magazine a couple of weeks ago ( The mini version of the pencil by the way).  The full size version comes with a spool on one end and the retractable pencil on the other which is slightly diamond-shaped and doesn’t need to be sharpened to create different depths and looks.  Quite versatile, soft consistency in the pencil so easy to apply and has 12 hour wear.  My thoughts on this product would have to be that the pencil itself is very good especially if your just wanting to quickly fill in any gaps you may feel you have within your brow area.  However I just couldn’t get used to it myself as I am used to using gel liners etc that is the only reason.  Goof Proof also comes in 6 shades depending on hair colour and has a price tag again of £18.50.


I am currently trying out a 21 day trial on the BROWVO CONDITIONING PRIMER for the brows.  Now this is a nutrient rich primer with conditions the brows, it is a clear gel so will suit everyone and has a custom soft touch applicator.  This helps gives the appearance of fuller brows over time.  As I have said I am trying this out! The price tag on this will be £21.50.



Other products which will be available include the following :

  • ready,set, BROW! Clear Brow gel
  • precisely, my brow eyebrow pencil
  • high brow eyebrow highlighter
  • high brow glow brow highlighter
  • All purpose pencil sharpener
  • Grooming tweezers and brush


So what are you waiting for??

Head down to your nearest Benefit Counter on the 24th June and get your Brows Mapped out and find the perfect magical products to transform or enhance your brows!! Remember they also do a makeup application service too!!

I have linked the website if you want to check these products out in full but here it is again!!

Get yours here – https://www.benefitcosmetics.com/uk/en-gb/collections/benefit-brow-collection?intid=746


Feel free to comment and let me know what you all think of the products etc and which one is your favourite??


Look out for a lot more reviews coming soon.


For now take care and much love!!


Diane xx















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