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February 26, 2018
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TK Maxx


It was time for a good old clear out in my bedroom, and one thing I needed to revamp was my nail polish collection. Most of them had either dried out, went watery or lumpy. YAK

So, I have been on a mission and made a few little purchases and thought you lot might like to check them out.  Firstly your probably thinking why is the heading TK Maxx on a nail polish post? Correct it is on here because I gained an awesome bargain with an Estee Lauder varnish at a price of £3.99 can you believe it!! These usually retail I believe at around £16.

Now they only had a few colours and now I am regretting not buying them all.

This one is called Dark desire and is a dark grey brown colour if that makes sense.

Salon Services

Next little venture was to my hair and beauty wholesalers in which I am registered at Salon Services.

Now when I called in here I wasn’t even looking for nail polishes.   I have eyes like a hawk and spotted a clearance section, yes I love a bargain like the rest of us. And I was in luck they had a row of nail polishes and 2 jumped out at me.


The first one that caught my eye was a china glaze one called “A whole latte fun” and is a light chocolate colour.

A Whole Latte Fun

The other one that I grabbed is called “Let down your hair” and is a polish by Morgan Taylor.  An iridescent yellow colour with a slight shimmer.  A very unusual colour this is why I bought it.

Morgan Taylor Nail polish

Let down your hair

Now these 2 nail polishes above cost me just £1.75 for both when I got to the till I couldn’t believe it. What a bargain as these polishes normally cost  quite a bit more than that.

I haven’t tried the Morgan Taylor range before but it goes on really well.  As for china glaze I have had several of those polishes before and they last quite a while before chipping if your careful.

Has anyone else managed to get bargains from TK Maxx before?? Let me know!!


Till next time folks.


Diane xx



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