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Saturday 3rd December 

Today is the day I made my way with a very good friend to the clothes Show Live 2016.  Stopping off on the journey first of all to Birmingham Christmas Markets for a spot of shopping.  I did say shopping didn’t I? oops well we made it to the pubs I know that much haha. Then we briefly had a look around the fast paced and packed Christmas Markets grabbing some Mozzarella Dippers from a stall  to snack on.  As we were actually on a trip with National Holidays we had to be back at a meeting place to be picked up at 5.30pm.

Heading off to our hotel for the evening which was a Holiday Inn and settled down for our evening meal.  This was not so good I am afraid to say, we were put in a room which was a conference room for our meal and food was not great at all and blatantly a PING meal (Microwaved if you did not understand my humour ) – this was tasteless and the waitress did not even know what she was actually serving us which was not good at all.  Never mind we went back to room after the long day travelling and drinking and got comfortable for the ret f the night in bed with Saturday Night TV haha how rock n roll!!!

Sunday 4th December


Up early, went down for breakfast to be told we had been given wrong times so done without!! Back to our room and started to get ready and prepare for the day ahead. 


9am and we were on our way to Birmingham NEC.  We vacated the coach and literally just about ran to the arena where it was all going on.  Tickets scanned and we were in.  The room was filled with pop up stands and loads going on around the arena including catwalk, fashion theatre, lambrini bar, food and drinks area and much more. Our actual Fashion Theatre ticket time was for 11.15am so we had roughly an hour to check things out before heading to see the actual show.  We got our bearings, grabbed a cocktail at the Lambrini bar and yes it was early but it just seemed like a great idea at the time.


We queued up and entered the arena for the show and took to our seats which I have to say were the best we have had in the years I have actually been going.

The show was hosted by the stunning Laura Whitmore, featured acts Sam Lavery from This years XFactor Contestant, Daecolm and Charlotte OC (The last two here I wasn’t sure who they are to be totally honest).

There was key trends from Mark Heyes as well as a dance show featuring items which could actually be purchased on the day too.  I was so looking forward to this as it is actually the last ever one in Birmingham so thought it would have went out with a bang.  I was wrong completely wrong – unfortunately I didn’t really enjoy the show, the crowd was even quiet and just no connection with the audience from anyone on the stage. I was not blown away this year and it hurts me to say that.



After the Fashion Theatre Show ended it gave us a chance to really have a good luck around and see what purchases we could make.  We visited stands such as Gymshark, With Love Jess, Nanshy, BeauBelle Brushes, Spectrum, Beautiful Brows, Maniere de voir, Ferne Beauty  and many more.  At first I wasn’t really finding anything I wanted to buy until we hit the beauty stands and then oh my word these brushes just jumped out at me and I had to have them along with an amazing Body scrub which was like Terry’s Chocolate Orange smell.

image3-6 image5-2 image5

We stopped had some lunch to recharge our batteries.  Then we hit The Ferne Beauty stand (My obsession with TOWIE is getting out of hand I am sure haha) – Yes that’s right the lady herself Ferne McCann has brought out her own Tanning range so popped over to have a look.  The lady herself was bombarded with people getting photos and having products signed so I managed a cheeky little photo – yes I know it aint great – I never said I was a pro photographer.


There was a lot of other celebrities around including Jamie Laing of Made In Chelsea, Alex and Olivia from Love Island,Our very own Geordie Lass  Sophie Gradon – Love Island and more. I didn’t get to see these lot though but you win some, you lose some.

 This takes me right on to the next bit.  So a few days previous to the show I had confirmation I had won an Exclusive Meet and Greet with Joey Essex through Lambrini on Facebook – I was gobsmacked and straightaway excited and told my friends and family.  I couldn’t wait to meet him and had so many questions ready to ask him.  I headed over to the press room as in my email for 3pm, was greeted by a lovely lady who asked my name and I explained what I was there for.  To her surprise she then began to tell me it was the wrong day and time  the look on my face said it all.  I showed the lady my email and she was even surprised.  She offered me and my friend the opportunity to go meet Jamie Laing but I refused as had already seen him plus I am not being funny here or nasty but it was Joey I was wanting to see.

They then told me that there was nothing more they could do as the celebrities are all on a time scale which is totally understandable and it wasn’t their fault.  She then handed us 2 goody bags which was lovely of them for the inconvenience. Inside was a lovely little lingerie outfit from Freya and some Lee Stafford Coco Loco Hairspray.  I was rather gutted to say the least and began get in touch with Lambrini as they had sent me incorrect information and then told me there was small print which I can’t hand on heart say I did not see.


We did visit quite a lot of the clothing stands honest, however nothing really jumped out at me.  I did spot one pair of gorgeous boots at a bargain price so I asked to try them on…….. TOO DAMN TIGHT – why are my feet so big??? haha Al jokes aside my friend decided to try them on and  bought them.  I wasn’t best pleased haha but they didn’t fit me so nothing I could do.

The day came to an end so we headed back to the coach for our long journey back to the Toon (Newcastle)  or I should really say South Shields – near enough eh!

All in all it was an eventful weekend, with both ups and downs and will be interested to see next years show which is held  in the summer in Liverpool.

Thanks for taking the time to check this out!!!

Listed here are some of the brands we checked out!


Till next time folks!!


Diane x

P.S It would mean a huge deal if you could take a few seconds and vote for me here as I have been nominated for the Uk Blog Awards.  I never for minute thought I could be in with a chance but with your help I could actually win ……If i got tonnes of votes as I am up against some amazing other bloggers out there!! Thanks again folks and have an awesome Christmas and New Year xx



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