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Pro Blo Deluxe


Christmas 2016 I was lucky enough to get this gift from the husband I had been looking at for a little while.  The Pro Blo ‘Curl Me” Deluxe edition is what I was given.  It is a revolutionary product that can take limp lifeless hair and hang it to a fabulous big and bouncy style blow dry.  It comes with Brush handle, 6 clips and 6 brush heads which are interchangeable.  The deluxe edition contains an extra set of brushes in your choice when you order.  Because I have quite long hair my husband opted for the set of large brush heads as extra. He done good I have to say!

This is so quick and easy to use and gives you a salon style finish in the comfort of your own home or on the go!

Step By Step

  • Blast your hair 60-80% Dry
  • Section your hair into smaller sections – Not too wide that they get tangled!
  • Wrap the dried section around the hair brush barrel rolling it up from root to end. Use the clip to hold the brush barrel in place.
  • Detach handle by pushing the button on side of handle.
  • Repeat step  until all hair is rolled up.
  • Leave barrels to cool down
  • Remove barrels one by one in an upwards motion, unwinding the hair from the barrel slowly


  • Ceramic Barrels will heat up fast, so if you don’t want brunt fingers let them cool down
  • Make sure sections are no wider than 3 inches
  • Don’t hold hairdryer still directly on the hair, keep it moving 3 inches away
  • Do not apply hat over 100 degrees
  • Do not use on hair longer than 22 inches


Details on where you can purchase this are here https://www.problogroup.com/curlme-deluxe.html

And if you click on the link and sign up you get a discount off your first purchase.

Check out the YouTube Link to know more about using the brushes and how to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwCLC9ktXeKK0sVEucASlZg


Just a short post today but hope you enjoyed it!!

More posts will be coming on a more regular basis from now also.

Hope your all having a fab day.


Till next time.


Diane xx





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