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July 28, 2017
August 11, 2017
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Friday evening sitting with my dog chilling, scrolling along my news feed on Facebook.  What pops up?? My name as a winner of a competition I entered.  Over the moon!!

The competition waste win a Hi Define Brows Training course worth over £200, all I had to do was turn up and bring a model.  The search began, who would come along with me?? My neighbour that’s who!

Sunday morning woke up bright and early ready to head to Stockton to the Total Hair and Beauty Academy .  We arrive for just after 10am so slightly early and was greeted by two of the trainers who acknowledged how early we were ad sent us to grab a coffee etc before we started.

The Beginning

All sat down and ready to go.  First off Health and Safety training which included going over the boring things like COSHH, RIDDOR and HASAWA.  We incorporated little presentations and were split into groups to make it a bit more fun. 

Then onto contra indications and contra actions of treatments etc which all had to be covered of course.  At the end of the day once training is complete and you have that certificate in your hand it means your let loose on the public. you must be aware of everything that can happen after treatments and prior!!



After a lunch break of course we were told to head over to the beauty couches. These were set up for us and given aprons and gloves for hygiene of course. The trolley was set up with all the essentials.

The training began, after popping on a headband onto the client (our model).  Cleansing the eye area keeping it free from makeup/dirt and oil.  Then we were shown how to measure the eyebrow area to create the perfect shape.  (I had a bit of an upper hand at this as I have already qualified as a beauty therapist 18 years ago).  However, times and techniques do change so I was eager to learn more. Tint was then mixed and speed all over the brow and by no means neatly like I was trained , in fact the total opposite haha!!

After approx 5 mins we wiped over the area with a dry cotton pad and proceeded to learn the wax technique with a creme wax.  That was a clever bit as it actually removed the rest of the tint that had went on the skin. Time for some threading now to create that neat look around the brow area and grab any tiny little hairs hanging about. The after was cream was the applied which helps soothe the skin.  Now the fun part which I didn’t know was even involved Eyebrow Extensions.  Yes you heard me correctly, fill in any gaps in your brows with eyebrow extensions I mean how cool is that? although a bit time-consuming and fidgety the results are pretty awesome.


How fabulous are these results? Before finer lighter brows with slight patches and afterwards a full perfect brow with depth and definition.


I can now confidently do these brows in a salon or freelance.

So in the space of a couple of days I bagged myself a training day here at the academy.  Would I recommend this academy??   Yes I would. They do a full range of beauty courses in all beauty areas including Nails, Waxing facials and spray tans etc.

Very nice trainers who were friendly and approachable.  Only thing I need now is the rest of the kit to do them freelance.

Overall I had a great day and Thanks again Total Hair and Beauty Academy for choosing me as a winner.

*** I have not been asked to write this post by the company, I am not being paid for this at all.  I simply said I would be doing a post to say thank you for choosing me as a winner!! ****

Till next time!!!

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Diane xx

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