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Making my way to Newcastle Beauty Clinic on a dreary Tuesday morning.  Yes that was the day my view on wax and strips changed forever.  The girls from http://www.pureblissspa.co.uk/  were at the Clinic to train in Lycon Waxing.

What is Lycon wax?

Using only the finest resins, natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils, Lycon delivers superior performance, removing stubborn hair as short as 1mm. … Lycon is the professional’s choice in quality wax and an essential ingredient in leading salons around the world.

The procedure

After sitting with the rest of the models for a short while we were then sent through with the different therapists.  I was met by a lady called Megan.  I was under the impression we were getting different areas waxed so had let my upper lip, and under arms grow so yes I looked a bit like an ape!! haha

Oh how I was wrong about what was to come.  We were then asked if we could get bikini area done in which I agreed thinking it would be very similar to your usual bikini wax.  Wrong again! I was asked to remove my bottom half clothing and lie on the beauty couch with a towel covering my dignity (which quickly went out the window may I add).  Megan then told me to bring my legs up towards my bottom and let my legs drop, this is when the humiliation and embarrassment really kicked in and I was mortified!! Never experienced this before going for a bikini wax but never the less I kept at it!

After cleansing the area Megan began applying this thick wax which resembled Nutella to my bikini area.  Section by section and actually leaving it on, she then started to remove it just by grabbing the wax (NO PAPER STRIPS USED) and I tried my best to relax as it does hurt less.

However I had no need to get tense and was in complete shock at how pain-free it actually was.  I was gobsmacked – don’t get me wrong there was small areas which stung a little, but nowhere near as much as your usual warm wax and strips.


After the bikini was done she then started with the bottom area, I could feeling my face burning.  More embarrassment than anything but just so glad I didn’t know the girl personally to be honest haha.  I was asked to lift my legs towards my chest.  Then lie on the side with bottom leg straight and bend knee across (sort of the recovery position) so she could get into all the CRACKS LITERALLY!

The Result 

After wax was then applied to soothe the area. I was pretty impressed by the results.  I wasn’t red at all and didn’t look like a plucked chicken.

Yes Lyon wax is more expensive than your usual wax but well worth paying the extra in my opinion.

Would I get it done again?

Definitely! 100% get it done again, however I might just get the brazilian next time rather than the Hollywood.  The thought of someone waxing your bottom area just felt a little odd for me haha!!

Thats all for now, I shall return very soon with more posts and reviews!!


Till next time.

Diane xx





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