July 6, 2012
July 6, 2012
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“The Ultimate Mask Experience”

So, on Saturday just gone I was given a goodie bag at a beauty blog workshop  I attended full of fabulous goodies.  I came home and popped the bag down and checked out the products.  As I’m very much into beauty products I decided to try this crazy looking face mask with the thought of “oh just another pointless mask that will not give any results and just make my skin a bit softer” …..Oh how I was wrong!!

The mask is from a company called TIMELESS TRUTH and the one I tried was the Charcoal Detox Brightening mask.  I split the packet open and cleansed my skin.  Then I read the instructions and got to work, peeled off the film and started to apply the mask.  Bearing in mind I was getting some funny looks off the husbands as you can see didn’t I look brilliant hahahaha !!! It felt very cool on my skin and I personally experienced a slight tingle sensation on my cheeks as I suffer with mild rosacea.  I plodded on and then it was time to remove it. I was left with a serum texture all over my skin and didn’t want any waste so I neatly and carefully folded the mask and popped it back in the packet and put it in the fridge so I can get another use out of it.  I then continued to massage gently the serum that was left on my skin into my face and it felt really nice and smooth.  Today I woke up and slapped my makeup on as normal, went to do my hair and when I looked in the mirror I realised my makeup was absolutely flawless (more that ever before).  Well that was it, I contacted the company via twitter and just left a little comment saying how great the mask was and that I will be purchasing more.  (I have in no way been paid to write this, it is my own personal experience I wanted to share with you guys).

And here you will see the before, during and after photo….. A picture to pop on the fireplace to keep the kids away from the fire!!!

image1 (2)image3image2

I have attached a link where you are able to purchase these masks and to be fair they are excellent prices…..Don’t worry not expensive and you will still have change to get yourself a cocktail 😉

10/10 from me and look forward to trying more from this company.

Feel free to ask any questions or leave any comments.

I shall be back soon with a whole lot more xx

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