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It’s Nearly Christmas!!

Yes it is that time of year nearly where everyone goes a little bit mental shopping, I know I do! Even thought I tell myself every year I am being more sensible with gifts for people – it just never happens that way!

Anyways I have started earlier this year so I am actually proud to say hopefully I won’t be one of those shoppers on christmas eve,  trudging trough packed shops grabbing the most ridiculous gift that’s left on the shelf.  I am quite organised so thought I would hit you all up with some ideas of gifts to buy people this christmas.

So to kick it off I thought I would start with ……..

Leighton Denny nail Duo 

This is an excellent little secret santa gift for the girls at work!! Two of a kind set is NEW to the collection and comes in a variety of colours.  I was lucky enough to be gifted a set from A PR company.  (Alex Silver PR )  I have personally tried these and can say they go on lovely and its been a few days now and the colour is still on.  At a cost of only £10 for Leighton Denny  this is so good. The set I was given is called Two Of A Kind and has a nude type colour in called Supermodel and also A ruby-red colour called Passion.

How about a Mahi Leather Duffle Bag??

You got a friend or family member who travels a lot? Then this may be just the thing to buy!  A Mahi Leather Bag available in different colours sizes and styles and spotted in Vogue and GQ Magazine. You can even get it personalised?

So whats the idea of one these bags? For starters the Mahi Leather bag gets its name from the Mahi river which joins the Arabian Sea.  These are full grain leather and cotton lined with brass fittings, and unisex.  For every bag sold $1.50 goes to the FRANK Water charity.  This is a UK-based charity which has helped over 300,000 people gain access to clean water since 2005.


Its Jaclyn Hill Time 

Now for those mams, sisters or friends you may have to buy for who have a slight obsession with makeup then look no further.  I think I may have saved the best for last here mind!!

The Jaclyn Hill Palette in collaboration with Morphe.  Now the palette itself is simply gorgeous in my opinion, the colours are very bendable and pigmented.  The texture is quite creamy which is great so you’re not going to get lots of FALL from the powders as you apply them. My husband bought me this as a surprise as I had been trying to get it from beauty bay (link on my home page to click on to beauty bay!!)  But it was sold out.

Morphe vs Beauty Bay 

So he decided to order from Morphe in the USA. Now when your told it’s an extra $35 shipping that’s what you pay right?? Oh no how we were wrong to think this. He paid $38 i believe for the palette then $35 on top for shipping.  Then he gets an email saying they won’t deliver it from customs in the UK unless we pay out another £14.  How shocking is this please?? Fair enough the shipping costs but surely the customs charges should be in within the price?? So what I am saying to people now who maybe live in the UK and want to order from the states. Try find alternatives.

The worst thing of all is that the palette came back in stock on Beauty Bay where he would have paid £37 and that’s it.  Never mind a lesson to be learned.  Check out the video link under the image to see the colours with no filter in the palette.


So that’s it, just a few little ideas if your stuck for what to get people!!

More posts coming soon. And don’t forget to subscribe to keep up to date and for future competitions and giveaways!


Till next time

Diane xx



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