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Colgate Total toothpaste

Flash those pearly whites!!

** This product was gifted by Colgate, but all views are my own **


What’s the first thing I notice about someone when I first meet them, no matter who it is?  My answer – Nice teeth and a smile.

Who doesn’t want to have a lovely smile? am I correct?….. Of course I am.

Colgate smile


You have that brand new lipstick or gloss you’ve just purchased and you want those teeth to stand out and shine then check this out.

Personally I love to wear a nice bright lip colour in the summer.   I would only do this if my teeth were nice and white, otherwise I feel like my teeth colour would stand out if they weren’t as white.  Nothing better than beautiful healthy white teeth in everyone.  And very achievable with Colgate Total Whole Mouth Health toothpaste!

Colgate Total?

I will let you in to a little secret…..

No magic potions or lotions.  No trips to the dentist (other than your regular check ups of course).  A simple yet very effective toothpaste you can pick up with your grocery shop.  How does that sound?

For me it always looks better in photos when you see people with nice white pearly teeth.  Of course a lot of people have teeth whitening etc and veneers, but what i’m saying is that if you look after your teeth from the beginning then you can save some money here too.  I was sent a product to try from Colgate, which is the Colgate Total Toothpaste.  Thank fully I use this brand anyways as it is my go to for Oral hygiene.  This is available at may stores and I usually purchase mine from Morrison’s at a cost of £4 for a 125ml tube which is great for all the family.  (* I must stress this is not to be used for children under 7 years old).

Colgate Total toothpaste

Colgate Total Whole Mouth Health Toothpaste

This is a good product to use on your teeth. It helps reduce bacteria as well as reducing staining, gum problems, bad breath, cavities, Tartar build up, sensitivity, plaque and enamel.  With a 12 hour protection on your teeth. tongue cheek and gums also.




Colgate Toothpaste

Colgate Total Toothpaste 125ml


Let me know what toothpaste or oral hygiene products you like to use?


Till next time.

Diane xx


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