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March 20, 2017
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My Favourites and whats not to like??

Over the past 6 month of my personal mini spending sprees and little gifts I have been given from events and also through my previous employment.  I thought I would pop them all together in one review as a Favourites.  SO what does everyone think first of all of my new all paper for my back drop for images etc to keep them al the same as best as I can?? This was from Inspired Wallpaper and is one of the Crown designs called Highgrove. ** I was Gifted this but was given the opportunity to choose for myself out of a selection to give me honest thoughts** (I went with this brand as I was going to be decorating my back drop area anyways so thought i would give them the benefit of the doubt!)   Now this brand has a huge range of different wallpapers from Crown, Coloroll and Vymura. The wallpaper I chose is grey in colour with a slight glitter pattern over it and has a match going through it when actually wallpapering.  Very simple yet effective design.

 Now the white mosaic figurine you see above I actually picked this up at the Clothes Show Live and absolutely love it.  The Chanel piece that hangs on it I was given this when I went to a fragrance conference whilst working for my previous employer.  I spray this with my Chanel Coco Mademoiselle and hang it around the body for a bit class and elegance.

Bit of Bath and Body Works

Now whilst working on my blog or just chilling watching TV I do love a good candle lit.  And although I always loved a Yankee Candle I’m heading to the side of Bath and Body Works after smelling them all whilst visiting the States.  These are so good value and last ages which a huge range of fragrance candles.  The one I chose is Copper Coconut a 3 wick candle with a silver lid to keep it covered whilst not in use.  These were on offer for 2 for 24 dollars. And the rose gold candle holder was also from Bath and Body works and around 15 dollars.  They also sell car fragrance, body sprays and scented hand sanitizer and holders which are very popular.


Bits and Bobs 

In the image above you will see the rest of my favourites which include Zadig & Voltaire Fragrance, Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate, Hudabeauty liquid Lips and my 2 favourite Morphe brushes.

These are all listed below –







The price and quality of the Morphe brushes is brilliant, and they seem to last a long time.  Kiehls midnight concentrate I can honestly say I can’t Live without this now and wish I had of started using this sooner. I have noticed a massive difference in my skin and my rosacea flare ups and well at bay. The lavender oil which is in it smells great at bedtime too and helps you sleep. As for the Hudabeauty Liquid lips I was a bit dubious about this when I purchased it as I wasn’t sure I would like it and thought it might be very drying on the lip.  I was wrong it is the only liquid lips I have personally found that doest look really dry on the lip.  This lasts on me a number of hours which is good too.

And last but by no means least the Zadie & Voltaire Fragrance I just love this.  It’s such an edgy fragrance with pink pepper in it. Lovely for daytime and evening.

Whats your favourite Lip Product and why?? 


Leave a comment below!!


Till next time.


Diane xx


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