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October 7, 2018
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Ladies Grab your Boobs, Men Check those Pecs!!

Got your attention yet? I hope I have!

A couple of week ago, I was invited along to an event at The Y Salon In Eldon Garden Newcastle.  The event was Hosted by The award-winning Y Salon but was heavily aimed at Breast Cancer Awareness with  COPPAFEEL and Kevin Murphy Hair products.

It was my first time visiting this salon so I was rather excited.  Greeted with nibbles and a glass of fizz the evening began well.  The salon was raising money for the Coppafeel campaign and they had balloons which we had to pop for £5 so of course I had to pop one.  I was lucky enough to win myself a Blow-dry at the salon and a treatment worth £60.  Excellent start to the night! Now if you haven’t heard of Coppafeel I urgently tell you to click on the link above and read more!!  Knowing your body could save your life, that is what I will say for starters. 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime?? Scary those numbers.

Boobs for cupcakes

Boobie Cupcakes

Men get breast cancer too…..

How many of you guys have checked your breast lately? Not as many as we think I bet!! Did you know the sooner you spot anything out of the ordinary about your breasts/pecs the better.  And if you’re in doubt just pop along to your GP and get checked out.  At the event we had the chance to meet Tracie who was diagnosed with Breast cancer herself and is actually a Boobette for Coppafeel.  We sat and listened to her story and I was blown away. Tracey was under the age of 35 when she was diagnosed.

The Boobettes

Chat with The Boobette Tracie and about Kevin Murphy products

Did you know it isn’t just women who suffer with breast cancer, Men get it too!! And forget about your age your never too young to check yourself.  It isn’t always hereditary either and breast screening is brilliant these days but isn’t always available.

Kevin Murphy Hair Products

Kevin Murphy Hair Products


It is so easy to do once you get in a routine, very few weeks if you like or each month whenever suits you, just make sure its regular. Just grab your boobs and get checking and see if you notice any difference from maybe the previous month. Same with men check those pecs  right from  your collarbone area to your armpit and the skin all around that area.  Just check out for these…. 

Look and Feel

There is even a text reminder service which is available which is sent straight to your mobile to remind you to check each month. I mean that’s pretty cool for all these people who have their hands glued to the mobile phones anyways right?

Follow the link here

If I can help at least 1 person just by reminding them to check, then surely if everyone one of us reminded 1 person that’s saving lives to me.

If you can do one this evening, just go and have a check and if you do notice anything unusual, please don’t wait and get checked out. Most of the time its nothing but best to be on the safe side always!!

Till next time folks.

Diane xx

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