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January 13, 2019
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March 14, 2019
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From LA to The UK

The facial that’s on everyone’s lip’s at the moment is the Hydrafacial.  This started in the USA and has now grown popular here in the UK.  To get the word about they are touring the UK hosting events to promote the treatments. I was lucky enough to be invited to Newcastle Beauty clinic for a Red Carpet event for this treatment.  

Hydrafacial Machine

What’s involved?

The Hydrafacial comprises of  several steps which include the following :

  • Drainage – This is the first step which stimulates the skin and prepares the skin for the following steps.
  • Cleanse and Exfoliation – self-explanatory, cleansing of the skin and helps remove dead skin cells
  • Acid Peel – Sounds worse than it is.  A glycolic acid 7.5%  peel is applied over the skin to help soften the skin in preparation for the extraction.  This is not painful at all.
  • Extraction  – This is the fun bit.  A vacuum effect is glided over the congested areas of the face to clear out the pores.
  • Vortex Fusion –  Now for the WOW factor.  A derma builder helps to stimulate collagen and help with the overall glow of the skin.
  • Blue/Red light Therapy – I opted for the Blue Light as I am prone to breakouts. The blue light therapy helps calm the skin and the redness as I also suffer from Rosacea.

Moisture – A moisturiser or Oil Free moisturizer can now be applied to the skin to finish the treatment.  Aftercare advice is part of the treatment and given  (from Dawn the therapist I had ) to use an SPF on my skin daily.

Lets get going…..

Gunk from my face…. Lovely!

Before/ After and Overall…..

Rosacea pretty calm today!

The dirt in the bottle was a bit of a shock!! haha

The price of treatment at Newcastle Hair and Beauty is from £120 for a 50-60 minute treatment.  They have several prices for different treatments and courses etc too.

Would I have this treatment again? YES Without a second thought. 

Has anyone tried this and if so let me know your thoughts.


Till next time!


Diane xx

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