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Why am I writing this you ask?

You read that headline correctly “I’m Just a Beauty Therapist”.  This post came about the other night whilst I sat down on Monday evening at 9pm waiting for the newest season of Love Island to start.  (Yes I watch it and I love it!! – proper trash TV, so don’t judge).

As the lads and lasses entered the villa and met each other for the first time, they introduced themselves to each other.  One at a time they mentioned names and what they do as a career. You had scientists, flight attendant, boxer, pharmacist, fireman, business owners and then I heard one young girl called Amber (also from the North East – woop woop) say “ahh I’m just a Beauty Therapist”.  Well that was it I was completely shocked!  Not at the fact of her career choice at all, as I am a qualified Beauty Therapist also and that was also my career path.  But it was the way she said it, as if putting herself down.


What does it take to become a fully qualified Beauty Therapist?

You may think beauty therapy is simply slapping some makeup on people, painting their nails and toes or even popping some face cream on someone.  I tell you now, I studied Hairdressing at NVQ Level 2 standard, and Beauty Therapy NVQ Level 3 standard along with a VTCT In media and Theatrical makeup for over 3 years at South Tyneside College.  Learning about the anatomy and structure of the body.  Bones, lymphatic system, muscles, how the body functions and works, alongside in-depth exams.  Then you have to learn and remember the routines of each treatment you’re doing, hygiene rules, health and safety and control of substances hazardous to health (COSHH).

I then went back to do extra courses such as Nail Art, Ear Piercing, Acrylic Nail Enhancements.

Hands on work

At the same time as learning all of these you constantly are doing hands on training and working on all different skin types, skin colours for makeup.  So when someone says to me “oh you were just a beauty therapist”, they haven’t  clue what in entails and should never judge! A lot of hard work and training goes into it.  So, If Amber ever sees this in the future (which I highly doubt haha) I just wanted to say, be proud of what you’ve achieved and say to yourself and everyone else ” I’m a Beauty Therapist” with confidence!!

I know it may sound like I’ve ranted on here but I just had to get this off my chest so I hope you guys understand!

Anyways it’s nearly time for the next episode of Love Island!!



Till next time!!


Diane xx



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