Jaclyn Hill Palette Volume 2

Jaclyn Hill /Morphe Volume 2

A little late to the game here with this Jaclyn Hill Volume 2 review, but if i’m honest I had to wait till payday to make this purchase.  Worth the wait your wondering?? ….. In a short answer – YES !!

I already have the first of the Jaclyn Hill /Morphe Collab palettes and its just about finished with as I have used it that much.  This new volume 2 palette I have to say has some beautiful colours in it.  It is very adaptable for a day to day makeup as well as an evening or full on bright glam look!  I have already seen some beautiful vivid looks created on social media channels, mainly Twitter and Instagram from different Makeup artists, influencers and of course the general public.

Favourite Colours?? 

Of course I have my favourite colours in the palette and they are :-  MY MAN, LOLLI MAMA, LIVIN MY BEST, PERFECTIONIST AND TEMPTRESS.  Of course all the colours are beautiful.  Do I think it is worth the money?  Yet again YES I DO!  You are getting 35 colours in this collection for the price of £39.  I used the “JACATTACK” Discount code to save 10% when I purchased this too which saved me a little.  Also at the moment Morphe had an offer on if you bought any of the Jaclyn Hill Palettes you got a free silver Jaclyn Hill cosmetic bag, which is quite a size and fits all my daily makeup I use in it.


Have you got your hand on this palette? 

Let me know what you think, your favourite colours?


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Till next time!

Diane xx





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