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The Launch of Kiss

Luxurious venue, The Grey Street Hotel Newcastle at The All About You Spa.  A stunning location for a fantastic KISS nails and lashes VIP event with a room full of bloggers and beauty enthusiasts.  With a bubbly reception or simple refreshments your needs were catered for.  I met up with a fellow blogger who runs before hand with a quick visit to Lola Jeans before hand for a light bite to eat.  

I arrived at the venue and was greeted by a very glamorous lady who showed me where to go when it was time to start.  The reception area of the hotel filled up fast and met up with some other crazy ladies such as Pixie, Laura and Ashleigh.  These guys blog too of course!!


The place went mental, KISS nails lashes everywhere……

Yes that heading is 100% correct, The event went crazy, lashes all over, nails everywhere.  Therapists working like the clappers to apply lashes to everyone.  The same with the nail station.  It was red-hot in there and think I may have sweated about a stone off in weight (OK Wishful thinking).

It was so hot though, not sure if they had Air con or not but oh my it would have helped to have it or at least cool fans.  So as we were shown into different rooms you were able to choose some lashes annals to have applied.  Now KISS Lashes I have to say are stunning to look at.  I have tried KISS nail products before and they were rather impressive for a stick on nail.

Next we had waiters/waitresses going round with some stunning looking canapés (I didn’t try any as wasn’t too hungry).  Drinks were still flowing and tops ups galore.

Round up….

As the queues were rather large I didn’t get a chance to get nails put on so they went with me home.  I did however have my lashes I chose put on which looked very glamorous I have to say.  They were just the strip lashes so very easy to apply and remove yourself.  There was so many lashes to choose from it did take a while. My favourite of the lashes I think would have to be Blooming Lash by KISS – Peony,   We were able to pick up different products to take away with us such as eyeliner and brow products too.  

Time to go…..

As my time at the event came to an end I said my goodbyes whilst taking the last few shots for my blog review.  We were handed a lovely gift bag to take home as a thank you and to share our thoughts of course.  In the goodie bag was a big selection of lashes and glue and I also had some other nails etc in the bag too.


Feel free to check this brand out here –

Till next time!!


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Diane xx


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