July 6, 2012
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May 4, 2014
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I have said in my last post about being at a beauty blogger workshop and was given some goodies in a bag to try for attending.  Me being me I couldn’t wait to get my paws into these especially when I saw how nice the packaging was once i chucked the box to one side!!  Stunning mirror look spherical shape eye mask and a lovely clinical looking rejuvenating eye cream by a company called Malvina Skincare.

(By the way just so you know I’m not being paid for this review I’m simply sharing another personal opinion tried and tested – about a cracking product)

First of all the Advanced Eye Cream-mask – Now I didn’t’ know what to make of this when I opened it.  A gorgeous silver ball  which I unscrewed and a little plastic applicator.  I read the instructions and applied a generous amount of product in the figure of an 8 around my eye area after cleansing my skin. Panic mode then set in as usual incase I was allergic….. tick tock tick tock ……….20 mins later ….no irritation, no redness, no itching…..hey presto for me having very sensitive skin this was just brilliant. The skin felt smoother, it didn’t feel tight but my eyes felt as though they wee wide awake and quite soothed.  I will be using this again probably tonight!!

The eye cream to purchase I believe is £48.00 and is 50ml in size which is quite a lot considering you only need a small amount as consistency is quite rich and thick. The anti-ageing B.I-EFFECT is a revolutionary new skin care range, developed and designed especially to improve and rehabilitate the texture of the facial skin.

Next is the Rejuvenating Eye Cream which again is suitable for all skin types and contains Plant Stem cells.  I was again conscious of this product so I only used a small amount like it said literally smaller than a pea!

I gently pat in the cream around the eye area and at first felt a cold sensation (not sure if this is normal :/ ) then a very mild tingle which lasted approx 1-2 minutes that’s it.  Now I checked in  mirror to see if I had went red or swollen and nope it was all good!! The packaging comes across quite clinical looking which I quite like as you are placing the product around the eye area.

This is £75.00 retail and is a 30ml in size. It contains No parabens, SLS/SLES, silicones, mineral oil or petroleum. This range comes from a swiss high-tech plant cell culture to protect skin stem cells.

As I said the products are in gorgeous packaging and look great on your dresser or in a cabinet however the cost I thought especially for the eye cream was slightly steep personally for me.  However if I could afford to buy it regular I think I would by the whole range.

image1 (3)

Well I’m off now to investigate some more goodies and purchases I have made.

Speak soon


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