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December 13, 2020
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Selling Sunsets Mary Fitzgerald

 What is Selling Sunset, and who is Mary ?

Selling Sunset

I’m guessing in lockdown many of you may have binge watched a few seasons of the Netflix series Selling Sunset? I know I did and I absolutely loved it.
With Brett, Jason and his team, the amount of stunning properties that were on the show were simply epic!

Keen to get on the property ladder are we? Looking for luxurious prestige real estate especially in LA and New York  ? Then you want to get in touch with these guys and the rest of the team at The Oppenheim Group .

Who is Mary you may ask? Mary Fitzgerald works at The Oppenheim Group as an estate agent and Is one of the main cast of Selling Sunset.She comes across very laid back compared to some of the others and her property listings are out of this world on the show.  A stunning lady who married her French Model husband Romain Bonnet.



Oh yes it has that too, as you get to know each of the characters including Christine, Maya, Chrishell, and more and their backgrounds.  I have to say Mary has been very kind enough to take time out of her day to answer these questions for me and of course my viewers.
Thank you once again this means a lot!

Jason Brett and Mary

(I sent across 10 simple questions for Mary to answer and these are her responses 🙂


10 Questions 

1 – Do you have a makeup artist who does your makeup for the show or do you do your own?
I do my own HMU for everyday scenes, However if we have a party or event and get dressed up, I have my own HMU do it for that super glam look.  We also have HMU for all cast members on interview days provided by production. 
2- what’s your top 3 cosmetics you could not live without?
-Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear 24 hr foundation, Better Than Sex Mascara, Buxom Full-On Plumping Lip Cream  (shade: Dolly)
3- you have to pick 1 brand only for full makeup what would it be?
That is a tough one, I typically mix and match my favorite products from many different brands. If I had to choose, it’s probably Lancome or Bobby Brown.
          4- what’s your biggest achievement to date?
          Selling Sunset was just just nominated for an Emmy! I never dreamed I would be on a show like Selling Sunset, where I can do what I love and be with my friends everyday. Being nominated               for an Emmy is mindblowing to me, and such an honor. 
          5 – who’s your favourite beauty blogger for yourself to follow if any ?
          I have recently been introduced to @christendominique and very intrigued and want to see/learn more!
6 – If you weren’t into real estate what other career path do you think you would have went down?  And who would you say you get along with the most on the show?
I love anything travel related!! If my real estate career ever ends, I would love to get involved with a travel show of some sort.
7 – what lipstick do you prefer  – Matt or glossy?
I love both, it depends on my outfit and look.

8 – favourite makeup look you personally like do on yourself? Smokey? Natural? Glam etc?
I typically do a natural look during the day with a slight smokey eye at night. 
9 – who is your “Go to” makeup artist?
My fav and go-to HMU team is : @shay_zeinali (make-up) and @larackay (hair)
10 – what would be you favourite go to makeup brush collection??
As you can see Mary is a big fan of Morphe brushes, just like myself.
I also took the time to check out the beauty blogger Mary Mentioned Christen Dominique as I hadn’t heard a lot about her. I’m so glad I did, she is a very talented lady!
Selling Sunset season 4 will be back on our screens very soon on Netflix. A series which will keep you intrigued! I cant wait to see what’s next with the cast in this new season and of course check out the wonderful luxe listings they have to offer!
Till next time!!
Diane xx

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