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Happy New Year you guys!!

So to get me back in the mood after the festive period, I thought I would take a step back to think of what Ive done and achieved over the past year.  2017 for me was a very strange one however a very positive one. First of all my beautiful baby niece was born Maia and became a little sister to Lily. Thank fully this was just before we jetted off on holiday.

February 2017,  my dream came true as I flew across to the states to visit my all time dream place I wanted to go visit and that was New York.  The moment we arrived at our hotel surrounded by huge sky scraper buildings and the New York accent I was in heaven!!  I saved so hard and sacrificed lots of nights outs etc and parties to go.  Was it worth it you may ask??? HELL YEAH and I would do it all again!!

Stunning Views at Top of The Rock

Blogging and the evil side….

Last year in the blogging world I learned so much and met some awesome fellow bloggers.  I became an approved Influencer through Ellefluence which is hosted by the lovely  Laura Dawson interested in signing up if you love blogging or influencing on social media? check it out here .

My Domain Authority increased which os always a fab thing. And I had the opportunity to attend many events.  Some good and some not so good.  Hey its a learning curve right?? Everyone is here to succeed am I right?? As for bloggers there’s so many of us out in that big wide world but we all need to build each other up instead of being negative towards them.

Then you have the brands who only want to work with you if you have like 60,000 followers on Insta….. Now come on we all know a lot of these bloggers/influencers can buy followers who aren’t genuine at all. Because they do this, they get great opportunities compared to the genuine Micro influencers (if that’s what you call them these days).

I don’t have tonnes of followers but at least the ones Ido have I would say are pretty much genuine and do comment follow like etc.  I have had the chance to work with a few companies don’t get me wrong and I am very appreciative of that.





Ellefluence speaker Carly Musleh with Pixie tenenbaum


More travelling…..

Yes you heard me right, more travelling.  In June last year I went on our summer vacation back across the waters to the states.  This time to Florida (I like to call this my second home wishful thinking hahaha).  Hope tp one day go back to New York again too. 

Two weeks away in florida and after that you need another holiday to recover.  Mind you this time the weather was very crap!… rain rain oh and more rain.  Beautiful black skies, jagged fork lightening – get the picture ??  Not your typical Florida sunshine that was for sure.


A new job….

April 2017 seen me leave Boots Sunderland and head back over to Geordie Land (The Toon/ Black and White Army).  

This was for my new role with a L’oreal company called Kiehls on Blackett Street.  

I have been on traditions training, done events, learned so much about the company as well as about myself.  Look forward to family day in 2018 with kiehls as well as First half training and new product launches coming.  Excited to see whats inshore this year at Kiehls.  Another cool thing is that there is a Legacy trip to New York. This up for grabs each year obviously depending on your performance and how well you do your job of course! 


A new Year, whats to come?? 

2018, well its just 8 days into the year and already quite a lot planned.  With work blogging and holiday prep at the gym ( yes I joined before christmas lol) it’s all systems go.

Me and the hubby will be jetting off to Tenerife for the first time this year, as well as Florida in summer again. ( I love the states can you tell?  Hope to book NYC for my 40th in 2019 too.

 I am aiming to attend more events this year and hopefully improve my photography skills and gain more genuine followers on social media.  I would love the opportunity to gain more exposure obviously. 

Well that’s just a little update but be sure to subscribe to keep updated, competitions coming your way too and much more.


Diane xx

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