PLouise Cancelled X ……. Read all about it. The Nude Edition Issue One

The Nude Palette Of The Year!

The Nude Edition Issue one…..

So, you may think what is this new post all about, with the NEWSFLASH vibe.

I was inspired to write this post by PLOUISE and her brand.  Purely because I decided to treat myself on Black Friday to her New Read all about it Nude Edition Palette.  I was on the website when I was looking for a new palette to purchase which contained lovely nude shades.  This palette has 36 creamy pigmented shades which can be used to create a whole wide range of looks wether it be full on glamour or a simple no make up natural look!

The price point for this is £43.00


These are suitable for all complexions.  The packaging is really nice and gives you a lot of Newspaper type info on Plouise herself and the brand to read too. Quite a heavy palette in your hands, which for me shows its probably been quite costly to produce.  The placement of the mirror inside is quite unique too.

Read all about it! Plouise Nude Palette of the year.

TRENDING AGAIN!!  Leaked Nudes 


Why this brand did you choose you may be thinking?

What inspires me most about PLouise Brand is that this lady is a go getter and doesn’t quit.  For years she has been in the public eye scrutinised and ridiculed.  This lady has suffered with anxiety which I myself massively can relate to. With self esteem  knocked so many times , yet still she grows and also learns from mistakes.  I love the fact that when she’s designed this palette and the packaging it has basically her story written all over it.

Quotes from PLouise

Her motto in life is “The good heart always wins” – PLouise.  I can honestly say there’s not a more true sentence!

Why is it always PLouise?

Yes this heading is actually on the packaging for the palette itself.  I have had a few things in the past from The brand which I had ordered, such as the base which is ever so popular worldwide and also have a few of the acid reign paints collection which was a collaboration with mmmmitchell.  I had never tried the eyeshadows before until now and can honestly say they are so worth it.  The texture of the colours are very creamy and super pigmented. The haven’t gave hardly no fall out as yet either which is a huge bonus.

Leaked Nudes

Leaked Nudes

Would I recommend?  Whats The Tea?

As you must know by now I wouldn’t talk about anything I personally wouldn’t use buy or recommend.  So as for this palette its definitely a no brainer for me.  I 100% recommend this to anyone who likes a good collection of nude colours in one palette but still enough colours to create other full glamour looks too!


Till next time!!

Diane xx






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