Looking for a great hair salon in Newcastle??

February 22, 2016
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May 17, 2016
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Tired of hunting out that perfect salon to have your done??

Feeling rushed out of the salon chair?

Frightened to tell the stylist how you like to have your hair and what you don’t like?

The unpredictable hygiene of a salon puts you off?




Yes ladies and Gent’s I have found a hair salon that does a very good job.


I came across this salon whilst browsing different offer’s on Living Social.  And yes I do like a bargain as much as the next person, so I thought my hair is in desperate need of a good cut and after checking out some reviews I thought I would give it a try.

Based in Newcastle City Centre literally 2 minutes away from Monument Metro Station on Blackett Street E’van Hair , tucked away upstairs next to Warehouse.  I walked in for my appointment and immediately felt a warm approachable  vibe to the lady behind the desk.  She took my details and my coat and asked me to take a seat whilst they prepared their work station. ( My pictures just don’t do this salon justice – These were only taken on my iPhone)

image2 image1 image3

This gave me the chance to have a glance around and take everything in. The salon is quite large and has quite a lot of staff members judging by the amount of work stations.  The ceiling lights were twinkling away and they were like stunning glistening chandeliers.  With its bright white walls very clean and modern with a good range of products and services available.  The products I did noticed that they must retain were Philip Kingsley, Nioxin, Wella andL’oreal . They also do Great Lengths hair extensions which is a very good company.

Abby, my stylist showed me to my seat and went through exactly what I wanted and listened to every detail that was before I was even shown to the basin to get me hair washed.  I was offered a drink and so I had a Cappuccino which was served like it came straight from Costa or Starbucks or somewhere like that  (•Huge grin on my face!)

Still having a good look round and noticing everything going on whilst having my hair washed and a conditioning treatment – (Trust me it needed it), I thought this is has gave me great ideas to do a review.  I then asked the stylist if she minded me taking some pictures etc and asked if they would mind me doing this review. (I still paid for the treatment via Living Social so don’t think I got a free hair chop haha trust me I didn’t)


Abby starting cutting away at my hair being very particular which I admired and it showed great precision. Don’t get me wrong when I seen lot’s of hair drop to the floor my heart was in my mouth but she reassured me my hair was still long so I persevered and trusted her to do an amazing job.  After the cut she continued to blow dry it and then explained she would pop some rollers in for added volume which I thought was a nice touch and to be honest I wasn’t sure whether this would be added on to the bill at the end as an extra service. ( It wasn’t).

The end result


So after the cutting, blow drying and rollers and a spritz of hair spray Abby showed me the end result………Drum Roll…….


It actually looks longer and thicker than when I first went in which to be fair is what I wanted.



Without a doubt, I will definitely be returning for another appointment and book in with same stylist.


Till next time






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