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BBC GLOW UP’s Eve Jenkins



Being a huge makeup lover myself of course I am going to watch the BBC Show Glow Up ( Both seasons watched so far….. can’t wait for the next).  This year I was in awe of the talent that the MUA’S  produced and personally enjoyed watching Eve Jenkins  .  I was so glad she made it to the final.

Who is Eve Jenkins you may ask??

Eve Jenkins is a Makeup artist who lives and works in Liverpool.  Her first job was in a salon when she was 14 and she has worked there ever since.

Question time with Eve

What would you say is your most go to skincare brand and why?
I don’t usually ever stick to one brand, my skin is so sensitive and I have eczema making it hard to find products that fit. I like to mix it up with some more luxurious products and affordable ones.  Makeup remover cloths from home bargains,  a microfiber cloth, all you do is add water and it removes all your makeup!

Reusable, affordable and better for the environment. Then I can spend more on the important stuff.  I love Pixi,Dr botanicals, skin chemist,Murad and Ole Henriksen.

Do you have a lipstick which you repeatedly buy because you love it so much?
I have a few go to lipsticks which are all very similar in colour, I love a pale lip with a darker lipliner.
My favourites are ‘my beauty brand’ Polly tea rose and from Mac honey love,myth and @JamieGenevieve.

If you could do the show Glow Up all over again is there anything you would do differently and why?
I don’t regret a thing, yes I wish I would have done better with some looks but I always new I did the best I could at that time and that’s all I can ask of myself.
One thing I could have done is to just do what I wanted to do, I was trying to find a different style of makeup because I felt shamed for being a glam artist. I was trying to do what I thought they wanted not what I wanted.

However maybe I wouldn’t have got to the final haha! Everything happens for a reason. For example on the semi final creative brief, my look went horribly wrong. I took it all off, it was a fail. The only reason I got through to the final was because I had the balls to do that, if my look had have gone to plan maybe I wouldn’t have got to the final.

On Glow Up who would say is the hardest judge to please Val or Dom?
They are both just as hard to please, but I believe the toughest judge is yourself.

Do you think social media plays a huge role in an MUAS career, even though many years ago this was never really a thing? ie. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.
There is so much negativity from old school muas towards the new wave of instagram makeup artists. Val even said to one of my looks “looks like something from instagram” as an insult, but why is that a bad thing ? Social media is a place where, no matter who you are,where you are from you have your own safe space to express your passion.
Why do we look down on creatives for posting on social media rather than being in a magazine? Online is the future and unfortunately you have to go with the flow otherwise you will be left behind.

If you had to be stuck on an island with 2 makeup products only what would you choose?
Well definitely sun cream ! And maybe a liquid highlighter so I can look like a sun goddess whilst I plan my escape.

Who would you say is your makeup icon or role model if any?
Someone once said ‘it is better to be a first class version of yourself than a second class version of someone else’
There are many different people I look to for inspiration, but I am my own role model and I never focus on others, only myself.

What tips would you give to anyone applying for future series of Glow UP or any other Makeup competition?
If you enjoy sleep and don’t drink caffeine you won’t last past the first week!
The most important thing is BRING YOUR WHOLE MAKEUP KIT! The kits you have whilst filming you don’t get to practice with so bring everything you own. I wish I had known this because I couldn’t practice a single look, like why didn’t someone tell me this ?!?
Also prepare to make some friends for life and have the most stressful but most amazing experience ever.

What is your favourite high end/luxury cosmetic brand and why?
I never bother with designer brands , you pay for packaging and a name stay away! I love pro brands like my kitco, illamasqua, KVD Beauty and beauty blender.

What is your favourite drugstore cosmetic brand and why?
I use pretty much mostly drugstore, if I had to pick one it would be makeup revolution. Because I have never been disappointed with a single item I’ve bought.

That wraps it up with Eve, I hope you all enjoyed this post and took some notes incase you ever decide to apply for MUA competitions etc.

Follow Eve here on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/evejenkinsmu

Till next time!!

Diane xx



  1. Tamzin says:

    I always wonder about the micro fibre cloths, I never knew they worked! It’s good to hear she prefers drugstore brands, I do too! X

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