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September 3, 2017
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From the Start

Sitting, with phone in my hand browsing through Instagram stories like I have all the time in the world I decide to approach a few of the big names in Makeup/Blogging and YouTube.  Come on whats wrong with that? 

Absolutely nothing, I mean all I wanted was to ask them a few questions to learn a bit more about these people etc and gain more knowledge.  Now not thinking for one moment these guys were going to reply right?? I mean come on these guys are huge in the states and here’s little me in Jarrow, UK.  Well the emails went out and honestly within 15 minutes I think it was BOOM a response from Laura Lee – Yes that is right your eyes aren’t deceiving you Laura Lee.

She was so quick to respond and couldn’t believe it when she agreed to do this, and in her own words she said she wanted to “help others”.  I emailed her over 10 questions and within 24 hours I had her replies.

A little bit about Laura Lee

As most of you will know if your constantly obsessing over makeup as much as me.  Laura Lee has a great YouTube channel full of tips and tricks and makeup looks to die for. And of course she is very stunning!! An Alabama Born girl who currently lives in LA with her husband and of course her cats!!  Laura’s beauty journey began in 2012.

Laura has recently brought out a palette called Cat’s Pajamas which is a cruelty free and vegan free pallete with a mix of shimmer colours and matte but be quick it’s nearly sold out if you want it I believe. Also you will find fashion items for sale too including tees caps and hoodies.  She has also done a palette with Violet Voss in the past too and has a great following over social media.  You can follow her blog posts here




Time for Q & A

  • Who inspired you to get into the makeup industry?   Answer – ” Kandee Johnson and Nicole Guerrero, I’d come home after work, practice my makeup and post it on Instagram.”
  • what’s your top 3 cosmetics you could not live without?   Answer – ” Probably Maybelline, KKW Cosmetics and Cat’s Pajamas”
  • If you had to pick one brand only for full makeup what would it be?   Answer – ” Cat’s Pajamas”
  • What’s your biggest achievement to date?    Answer – “I don’t think I have one you know! Thats a really hard one but, if I could simmer it down it would probably be when I made a palette with Violet Voss.  It was the hardest thing to do trying to come up with the perfect colour and texture.  Something that could please everyone and in the end we sold out”
  • Who is your favourite beauty blogger to follow? Answer    “Nicole Guerriero although I do have others”
  • What inspired you to start blogging and making YouTube videos?   Answer – “Well I’ve always had a big passion for makeup!  I’d come home practice my makeup post on Instagram and it was my way out.  Then one day I just switched over to YouTube”
  • Lipstick choice, Matte or Glossy?    Answer – “Matte”
  • Favourite makeup look  you personally like to do on yourself, smokey, natural glam etc?   Answer – “I’d go with a smokey eye for an everyday look”
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years time with your blog etc?    Answer – ” I don’t really want to put a cap on it, the future is full of surprises”
  • What would be your favourite go to collection for makeup brushes?   Answer – “My morphe  brushes for sure” 

Thats a Wrap

I hope you all enjoyed reading this as I did putting it altogether, it just goes to show never under estimate anyone.  There are people out there who will help you out when you would like it.  

With that said Laura Lee has recently collaborated with new company for exposure which is a model agency for men, women and children from the ages of 10-30 this is plus size and petite too.  Feel free to check these out although the website isn’t complete as yet.  I will leave it here though if anyone wanted to view it.

So that is all for now folks and I shall be back soon!!


Diane xx


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