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Join the fight and look amazing……………..

Hi everyone, thought I would treat you all to this collaboration with Combat Cosmetics. (* I have not been paid for this review, I was simply sent these 2 products to try and review).

As a big lover of makeup I love the opportunity to try out new products, and this is simply what we have here.

Let me first of all tell me a little bit about the brand.  combat cosmetics provides a revolutionary Mineral Makeup range infused with 10 + Active Manuka Honey  which protects, regenerates and soothes your skin.

The range is 100% cruelty free and prides itself on this.  The range is for all skin types. The 2 products I was sent to try for myself were the Queen Bee Mineral lightweight foundation in beige and the Mineral veil in Glow sand.  The prices for these are £30 for the Foundation and £25 for the Mineral veil.

First I had to try the foundation……

Well, I do like to be honest so I will get this out the way first.  I like a foundation to give good coverage first of all and this is no good for me personally.  Yes it is lightweight but because I tend to breakout and have mild rosacea it didn’t cover it well enough for me.  I found it too light if you catch my drift.  If however you love to feel like you have nothing at all on your skin and have a nice glow then this would be perfect for you. It comes in a 7gm tub with a twist top for ease of use.

As you can see in the picture (The top one was before and bottom one was after using the product)

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Now for the Mineral Veil………….

Now this I did like and found it a very nice texture and again lightweight.  Now I used this on top of my own foundation which I always use myself and thought it lasted quite well and didn’t look cakey or anything on my skin.  I used a large Kabuki brush to apply this and only needed a very small amount.  This is something I would used often and it comes in a range of colours for each individual’s skin tone.

The brand stocks a range of cosmetics including eyeshadow, lipsticks, foundations, and even cosmetic brushes themselves.

Great benefits to these products are –

  •  100% non comedogenic
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Anti inflammatory properties
  • No artificial colours or preservatives
  • Contains a natural spf15

So, all in all very nice brand, 1 product I personally didn’t like and 1 I really liked a lot.  I would love to maybes try the brushes next to see how they are on my clients.

Check these guys out people, you never know you may find something you love too.

Find them on twitter, facebook and instagram.

Well that’s it for now, and will be back with more reviews and treats for you soon!!

Bye bye xx

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