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Radial Cosmetics


Rodial Cosmetics, yes that is right they have a cosmetic line.  This is something I did not know about this brand as I thought it was just skin care.  So I was over the moon to have the opportunity to collaborate with this brand and was **GIFTED** these products to try. (I am not being paid to write this either before anyone asks).

A package arrived for me whilst I was at my day job (The husband txt me to tell me and was so excited to get back home.)

I came home that night and dived into the kitchen to open it. I was just like a child at Christmas. OMG when Rodial told me they were sending me samples to try I expected a small little  range of sachets, which I thought would have been skin care.  I was gobsmacked to discover a range of stunning sleek-looking makeup. Two red boxes  which contained a dragon’s blood hyaluronic mask and moisturiser (review coming separately for those) in the package.

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Well where to start ……….with a brush of course 🙂

The sculpting brush

This is actually priced at £40 which I must say I personally found slightly on the steep side. But it is very sleek and black in colour.  I used this quite a few times especially for contouring and found it does the job and does it well. It has tightly packed hairs and does feel soft to the touch. I have yet to see any shedding of bristles which is a great plus for me as this is a pet hate of mine.  I found this great to use with the bronzer for a nice overall glow.

Liquid Liner

Now as you know I love a good eye liner that actually stays put, doesn’t smudge and is easy and quick to use.  So this liner is now my GO TO Liner I have to say and will purchase this again!! It comes with a price tag of £24.  It is like a felt tip pen in black but it isn’t too thick either.  With quite a long length tip it is great to use for creating a wing effect look. This liner dries very quick and is waterproof …… bonus!!  Overall a 10/10 from me and has now taken a leap into my daily makeup routine.

Instaglam Compact Deluxe Bronzing Powder –

Well, if you’re looking for a beautiful compact bronzer to carry in your gorgeous evening bag to go to a fabulous event or party – then I suggest you grab yourself one of these.  Or even better put it on your christmas list for your partners to treat you to and hopefully you will find this in your stocking.  This prestige deluxe bronzing powder give a natural enhancing glow to the skin with a matte finish.  Now for the price tag £52………..hmmmm I have to say I am not sure about this price tag.  I mean I do love it, it has gorgeous matte soft pigment, packaging is beautiful with the Rodial ‘R’ Logo on the front.  I would have to say depending on how long the product lasts if you’re a regular user I don’t know if I could pay £52 a pop.  But if it does last a long time then I will say this is really worth it.

Rodial Blusher in Copacabana –

Feeling flushed?? No it’s just that peachy glow.  Yes that would be the Rodial blush which is called Copacabana – a soft peachy dewy colour which is very highly pigmented. So all you need is a very light sweep and then you can build up the colour.  This is priced at £30 and comes in a compact which is the silver and black in colour so looks fabulous in your makeup bag with the built-in mirror.

XXL Lip Liner Nude –

Priced at £19 this has to be one of the nicest, softest natural looking nude lip liners I have used.  I haven’t had these products very long and already this lip liner has been used an awful lot.  It gives long-lasting hydration to the lip edge area with a plumping and smoothing effect.  These come in another 2 shades and are waterproof.

Lip Scrub –

If you want to keep those lips in tip-top condition then you need to exfoliate to keep them soft supple and smooth.  This lip scrub does just that and smells so good too.  My only negative comment for this would again be the price point £24.  The reason I say this is only because it isn’t giving you a colour like a lip gloss or lipstick to your lips.  It does contain vitamin e and mango and it is a sugar scrub which comes out of the top when you twist the bottom.  Probably I would say if your lips are chap quite a lot then this would be good for them to use before your lip sticks and glosses.  Again I will definitely say it smells really good!!

I was given another 2 products which were skin care, however I wanted to keep them for a separate post as I have quite a bit to write about for those.

Have any of you lovely people used Rodial Products before? What are your thoughts? Favourite product?

Please let me know in the comments section I would love to hear from you.

Well that’s it for now, I shall be back with some fabulous posts including more on the Rodial Dragons blood Mask and Moisturiser and also A Christmas special full of those wonderful gift ideas for your loved ones this Christmas.

Take Care and much Love

Diane xx

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