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A gift for any occasion

With Valentines Day fast approaching – Prestige Flowers, a company which offers beautiful deluxe bouquets and gift ideas for any occasion.  I was GIFTED THIS and asked to share my thoughts.  And that’s exactly what I am doing as I believe this company deserves the recognition.  The box was delivered to me last Friday and I opened it when I arrived hoe from work to see that not only did I receive a stunning bunch of roses but there is lovely golden/rose gold leaves within the bunch too which look beautiful.  

In the box was a lovely little box of British Hand crafted chocolates (which are now sitting in my tummy somewhere haha)

A small teddy named Harry I believe with the Prestige Flowers name pm its foot.

Now I looked on the website and noticed a whole range of flowers and gifts which were fairly reasonably priced too.

As for Harry my little dog Molly took a real liking to him. He is now her comfort teddy!! oops…

I couldn’t take it off her she loves him. I mean come on look at the face right??

Need some inspo for Valentines Day?

So with gifts from £9.99 upwards you have a choice of different flowers and gift ideas.  And of course I am not saying you have to go out there and spend money to show the other half you love them definitely NOT!!

All I am simply saying is if you are wanting to buy A beautiful flower arrangement then try these out and have a good look at their website. They are very fast with delivery and the box is lovely it is delivered in and not damaged at all.

This gift of the flowers teddy bear and chocolates came from the Luxury Collection for anyone interested in having a browse.  Feel free to have a look here


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Have a fabulous day!!


Diane xx




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