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Nails make a difference



A visit to my fantastic nail technician is a trip I try to do whenever the lady herself can squeeze me in.  Yup you have to be fast to grab an appointment otherwise its quite a long wait.  I have known Gail for  over 20 years now as a friend and watched her business evolve in the nail world. She only concentrates on nails, no other beauty treatments – hence the title Nail technician.  Gail trained in the industry a number of years ago now (Sorry I don’t remember when you started but it was a long time ago). This woman has created some awesome looking nails and of course still keeps up with the natural nail look too.  Me, I tend to go for the glitters and bright colours.  My wedding day she gave me the red and silver glitter look as this is what I wanted to fit in with the colour scheme.

A Young Nail Technician

Gail is a Young Nail Technician and has mastered the art of sculpting the nails into shape.  No tips are used to enhance the natural nails, they are simply just sculpted into whichever shape you wish.  I have the understanding that Young’s nail products are quite expensive to buy and only readily available to fully qualified technicians.  I do like the fact that no tips are used because sometimes I get a bit clumsy and have caught a false nail tip several times and it really knacks if it bends back or snaps (Cringing at the thought).

As I am off to New York this weekend I opted for some Champagne bubbles….. No Not the drink unfortunately, just a colour of glitter that was mixed with the acrylic and a midnight plum colour. (Just fancied something a little bit different).  Gail gave me a huge selection of colours and glitters to choose from, I could have been there all day but narrowed it down fast!  She got to work and got the sterilised files and tools out and her drill pictured below.

During the treatment 

Forms were placed under the nail to protect the surrounding areas, oh and did I mention I am a nail biter?? Yes I have done for a number of yours and am disgusted at them. I did actually let them grow after my wedding and was so proud.  Due to stress and work they gradually got shorter and shorter.  This is why I love my nails on. Gail always takes her time and is very thorough and precise when doing any nails, so never for one minute think your going to be on one of those conveyor style nail visits 🙁  – you’re in for a while with just Gail.


Gorgeous sculpted nails, a mixture of glitter tips, full nail glitter in midnight plum and champagne bubbles.  Pass me the Moe’t!!

I just wanted to blog about this Nail Technician as I think Gail  deserves the recognition. (** I was not asked to do this post, I paid for my nails, like a regular customer!**)


Gail is available for appointments (when she can fit you in, so give tonnes of notice haha)

Hair By Jack

South Shields

Tyne and Wear

Well it’s nearly time for my trip to The Big apple!! I shall be doing some blogs and reviews when I return and also have other things coming up very soon too!!

Diane xx








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