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Self-care for your hands…..

Quarantine/Lockdown got your hands and nails a mess with all the washing, cleaning and sanitising?? Yes I thought as much, me too!  So with my background and trade being within the Beauty Industry I thought I would pass on some little tips and tricks for an at home manicure for your hands and nails to keep them well managed and clean, soft and tidy.

Before an at home manicure.

And Begin….. 

Before you start make sure you have clean hands – Go give them a wash for at least 20 seconds!! THOROUGHLY!

You will need :-

  • A nail file
  • nail scissors or clippers ( Only if you have them )
  • Cotton Pads
  • A buffer
  • Cuticle pusher (again only if you have one)
  • A nail strengthener or base coat varnish.
  • Any colour you wish or clear. ( Not essential)
  • A hand cream of your choice.

Manicure tools


The Manicure Basic Routine….

I like to start by removing any varnish left on the nail with a nail varnish remover.  (Acetone free if you can. Remember if you have acrylics on and want to do this then DO NOT use a remover with acetone in it as this will soften and melt the acrylic)

Now for a manicure on natural nails especially, I like to file my nails starting from outside sweeping in towards the centre on each side of the actual nail to create desired shape.

I then go in with the cuticle pusher and GENTLY push back the cuticle.  If I have any cuticle thats too long and needs trimmed, I then carefully use sharp nail scissors to trim them making sure not to cut the skin.

Next I use the buffer to smooth and shine the nail plate.  Again using gentle strokes and not too heavy handed on this as you don’t want burns through the nail plate.

A nail strengthener is then applied to my nails next as I was a huge nail biter many years ago, so hence I like to look after them now as best as I can.  I have found OPI Nail Envy  works amazing for me and helps to strengthen my nails loads.  Using 1 coat of this and leave to dry for a good 10 minutes or so.

I then chose a colour from my personal little collection I have and I picked a Lancome nail enamel which is lovely and bright to enhance my mood.  Sorry i’m not sure of the name of it as it only has a number on there bottom which is worn off slightly.

I usually give 2 coats of colour leaving a good 5/10 minutes between each to dry through completely otherwise you can end up making them smudge and looking too thick.  I pay close attention and try my best not to go too near the cuticle area also.

Last of all after everything is dry I use a cuticle oil to help moisturise the nail area and my hand cream of choice which is Kiehls Ultimate Strength Hand Salve at the moment to create a barrier to outside aggressors and help soften my hands.

After ManicureNial enamels used

Hope you all found this helpful and straight forward.  Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

** All products used are my own and I have bought myself and use regularly.


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