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Our Dream Trip to The Big Apple

February 5th 2017, a day I will never forget as long as I live.  After arriving in Manchester the previous day and staying overnight at the Premier Inn Heald Green .  Waking up, getting dressed and heading down for breakfast.  Sitting drinking my glass of fresh orange and thinking is this really happening?  Are we seriously getting on a plane to JFK airport in a few hours….. The answer of course  HELL YEAH!!!!

After saving for a long time and making cut backs here and there, doing without those nights out and partying etc, me and the hubby sacrificed a lot.  Was it worth it? …… HELL YEAH AND I WOULD DO IT ALL AGAIN!!

Cases packed, dollars at the ready, passports and Esta tucked away nicely, taxi ordered and here we go.  Manchester airport we are coming for you!!

All checked in, through security and straight to the pub – well that’s how us geordies start a holiday.  Glass in hand and full of excitement, a holiday we were going on that I had only ever dreamed of.

All Aboard!

Time to board our Delta Flight.  First time ever flying with this airline, so I was a little nervous as had been used to always flying with Virgin in the past.  Never the less the hubby had surprised me with upgraded seats to Delta Comfort plus – bless him and to make it better for extra room no one sat next to us in the third seat haha!!  Bonus

Flying high through the air the air stewards came along with the alcohol – my choice Bailey’s and The hubby Jack Daniels and Coke (They gave me 2 baileys as they said 1 was not enough – I agreed)

The service was very good through out and as I sat back and tried my best to real considering I am a nervous flyer I chose a movie to watch – well it just had to be Sex and The City to get me in the mood.



Just over 7 hours later and we arrive at JFK.  Full of emotion excitement and nerves not knowing what to expect.  It was like another world. We headed for the Taxi queue or should I say Yellow Cabs.

As we headed to our hotel in our cab just hardly speaking to each other, absorbing the scenery – we headed towards Manhattan and went under a long tunnel.  We came out the other end and OMG the New York skyline – tall beautiful buildings ahead of us which just bigger and bigger.

Arrival at The Wyndham New Yorker Hotel.  An absolutely beautiful hotel very Jazz inspired with an Art Deco inspiration.  We were upgraded free of charge to a stunning room with a few of the Empire State Building on the 30th Floor.  The staff were so friendly and helpful.  Because our room was not ready we were given complimentary drink vouchers for the hotel bar. So kind of them to do this.


What to do next…..

After taking in the room and our view, totally gobsmacked we decided to head straight out and get things done even though it was roughly 5.30pm at night.  We headed straight for the Empire State Building with our Explorer pass we bought before we left the UK.

Top of the 86th floor ….Oh my word, how high???

The views at the top of this stunning building were breath-taking even at night when you can see the New York Skyline all lit up in all it’s glory.  Heading back towards hotel we decided to pop along into some gift shops and of course Sephora was a must.  Grabbing a slice of New York Pizza across the road from our hotel before headed back to room and went to bed ready for an early start.

The Long walk

Up at 4am, totally jet lagged but awake with excitement.  Lying in bed opened the curtains with a coffee, just sitting in shock staring at the view outside.  5am we decide to make a move, get dressed and head out to the Tic Tock Diner for breakfast.

I won’t bore you all with all the details because we had s much to do, here is the quick version.

  • Headed straight down towards Ground Zero visiting the Carrie Bradshaw apartment steps and Friends apartment building  Lower Manhattan.
  • Went and visit Ground Zero
  • Seen memorial pools
  • Visited Ami James Love Hate Tattoo Studio
  • Had lunch at the famous Katz Deli
  • Went to China Town and had a look in some of the shops
  • Bought some Levi Jeans – Bargain!!
  • Seen the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Pulled a muscle in my leg and was in agony
  • Headed back towards midtown and realised we had done 30K steps on my pedometer
  • Didn’t actually realise how far we had walked and ended up jumping in a cab back to hotel
  • rest………pub…….rest
  • Back out again, Macys, Sephora and more gift shops
  • Headed back to hotel – SHATTERED

A wasted Day

After the busy day we had previous I had organised the Woodbury Common bus trip to The Outlet stores.  We set off approx 8.45am from our pick up point and driver gave us the time of 3.30pm for pick up to return but told us to be there 15 minutes sooner.  I wanted to treat myself to a nice new bag and had heard there was lots of offers here. 

After visiting Coach, Saint Laurent, Prada, Swarovski and more and I was gutted to say I hardly bought a thing. The customer service in Saint Larent and Prada was actually appalling to say the least.  For shops of that etiquette I would have expected a lot more.  I never complain but this time I had to.

After the awful experience in some stores it actually put a downer on the day and we couldn’t wait to get back to the coach and head back to Manhattan.

3pm we decided to head to the coach.  Oh wait…… Is that coach pulling away??? yes that WAS ours leaving 30 minutes sooner.

Thankfully another coach was able to take us otherwise we would have been stuck NOT GOOD!

Our Last full day

So our last proper full day, and what a day it was. We took a trip to Central park, Rockefeller  Centre, Fifth Avenue, Top Of The Rock, Trump Tower and much more.

Casual strolling along Fifth Avenue and I spot Henri bendel New York – a beautiful luxurious Designer Handbags, and accessories boutique.  The staff here were friendly, approachable and very helpful,  I had to treat myself to a stunning little clutch bag.  It had to be done!!

I also found a great little cosmetic store called Ricky’s Cosmetics  – They stock Morphe Palettes, Ben Nye powders and a whole lot more.

Our last day the Weather was horrendous – 10 inches of snow and very cold.  We done a little more gift shopping and spent the last bits of our dollars before heading back to the airport.   Transport we booked through the hotel.

All in all, what an experience and I have to say if ever you have the chance to visit NYC do not hesitate.  We can’t wait to go back and would also stay in the same hotel.

Till our next vacation!!!!

Much Love

Diane xx

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